Saturday, June 22, 2024

Welcome to the PTU COPE page.

As the teaching profession has progressed, increased importance on the political process has become necessary.  Over the past several years, Providence teachers have endured school closures, mass firings, and competition from For-Profit Charter Schools.  My vision for the PTU COPE is to create a unified voice among the membership that can stand up for our profession not only when under attack but advocate for the hard work we do everyday.

The purpose of the COPE is two-fold, to both educate members on political issues and to educate elected officials about concerns of our membership.  As we move forward as an organization, I hope to bring elected officials together with our membership to have spirited conversations that will ultimately benefit the conditions that effect teaching and learning in our schools.

An important way to get involved is to pledge to our COPE drive.  This pledge of $1 per paycheck (for 21 pay periods).  Because union due by law are not allowed to be used for political action, this pledge allows for the COPE to be taken seriously in the political sphere of our state.